Jessica founded the WHILDE Method in 2012 ( formally called “Learning With Fun” ) because she believes in Personalized Learning and loves helping students Learn and Grow and take risks while having fun at the same time.

As a teacher at both Public and Private Schools, she could not make the kind of difference that she wanted to with my students, so after tutoring for many years, Jessica set out on her own in 2016.

For our successes, we developed a collection of assessments to establish which areas of the student’s mind and body need support with their skills and opportunities. We then provide a WHILDE Blueprint so one can incorporate our findings into their instructional practice with the student.

The WHILDE Method supports students and parents across the United States with its WHILDE Blueprint Product, remote and in-person 1:1 Executive Function, and Superpower Coaching and Fun Workshops. Jessica also created a private homeschool program called the WHILDE School and, in 2021, split the program off to a Non-Profit company.