Is your business idea hard to explain and confusing to prospects?

Our branding and marketing experts will make what you do easy to understand and impossible to ignore. We specialize in branding, messaging, websites and marketing for innovative services, technical products and specialized software.

The issue with being a brand that’s innovative or unique is getting people to understand why it’s superior to the traditional alternatives out there. That’s where we come in. At Visible Logic, we specialize in branding and marketing for businesses that are complex and unconventional.

Visible Logic is based in Portland, Maine and has a long, successful history of helping B2B companies, associations, startups, technology-based products and businesses in niche industries. We have the skills and experience to help our clients attract, convert and retain customers, partners, members or investors. We’ve even used this expertise to create Branding Compass — a DIY branding software.

Bringing clarity to complex brands for nearly 20 years.