We are a small business located in Westbrook, Maine. Established in 2013, we are passionate purveyors of a line of beverage making products made with all natural, organic ingredients for the home beverage enthusiast. 

The star of the show is our Spirit Sippers & Nippers Infusion Jars. With 15 flavors to choose from there is something for every flavor palette. We call it “A Bar In A Jar”, made with all natural,  freeze dried fruits, herbs and sweeteners. You simply add a favorite spirit and let it steep, strain, sip and savor!

We also produce a line of Bitters (the spice rack for beverages),  Bitter Infused Sugar Cubes (perfect for the classic Old Fashioned or glass of bubbly), and Maine Pine Syrup (perfect for beverages with or without spirits)!

We also have a public venue in Portland, Maine that includes an event space and bar.