Trust the Sound Podcast Production & Consulting


Looking to start a podcast of your own or just looking for someone to manage a podcast for your business? Trust the Sound Podcast Production and Consulting is the go-to developer, technician, marketer and coach to help bring quality and inspiration to your podcast.

Having my own podcasts and helping others start theirs, I am inspired by those that are inspired and want to help you bring your podcast to the masses- to inspire others, to share your knowledge, to perpetuate passion. Whatever your reason, you have a partner to count on to start formulating the concept of your podcast up to maintaining the social media of your show well after your launch day.

I’m here to be the organizer, the motivator, the technician, and the personal marketer for your podcast. My time is dedicated to getting your voice heard. It’s what I’ve done for myself as a creator of a podcast of my own and a concept I’ve had a passion for my whole life in a lot of different ways.

The best part is I’m flexible with what you need. I can be as hands-on as you want me to be. It’s all about your needs in the podcast process. Check out my website and connect with me to chat about what you want to do and how I can help get you there.