Time & Tide Coffee


Better Coffee. For Everyone.

At Time & Tide Coffee, we believe that everyone deserves to drink the best. There are very few things in the world that we all have access to the best in the world version of – but coffee is one of those things.

We believe that providing better coffee for everyone starts with making great coffee accessible and approachable.

In our cafe: We know that people can sometimes feel overwhelmed or out of place in a specialty or third-wave coffee shop, so we work to demystify specialty coffee – people understand what they are getting and feel comfortable ordering it. In addition to our coffee beverages – like the famous pistachio latte – we serve baked goods from a variety of Maine bakers and light fare, like avocado toast.

In our roaster: We are passionate about sourcing the best coffee and thoughtfully roasting it to bring out its flavor. We work hard to keep our prices accessible to consumers and wholesale partners, all the while sourcing from importers and distributors who work to take care of the coffee farmers. Whole bean coffee is available for retail in our cafe and online, wholesale inquiries are welcome.