Tidal Bay Consulting


Tidal Bay Consulting supports clients with projects centered around fisheries policy, ocean planning and conservation, climate resiliency, and environmental impact assessment. We specialize in the intersection of policy and community engagement, bringing diverse perspectives to complicated policy arenas.

Sound research and input from multiple stakeholders are the foundation for effective conservation initiatives and policies. Whether your community or industry would like to effectively participate in the development of new regulations, raise awareness around an issue, plan for the future, or fundraise to support these projects, Tidal Bay Consulting can help you coordinate and execute these projects.

Tidal Bay Consulting brings a unique understanding of marine and environmental issues from the municipal up to the federal level. Tidal Bay Consulting is committed to Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) in all our endeavors, within our business, and externally with clients, funders, and stakeholders.