The Pain Changer®


For those struggling with anxiety, stress, insomnia, and/or physical pain, The Pain Changer® meets you where you are and helps you release pain and trauma so you are free to live your best life again. Using a modality called Cognomovement, which is a full mind/body system, combined with coaching, clients can more quickly achieve the results they are looking for. Cognomovement activates & harmonizes the brain, down-regulates the nervous system, and breaks into the loop between the brain and physical body, lowering and potentially eliminating pain. It also creates new neural pathways, and activates the body’s learning centers, allowing the body to more quickly shift into the new neural pathway. Regain your freedom to laugh regularly, to experience joy, to sleep like a baby. Improve your memory and ability to focus. Reduce your stress and anxiety, calm your nervous system. To learn more, go to or call 678-314-3194. Services available in person or over zoom.