The Business of Yintuition


Energy Medicine is a gentle, non-invasive body based healing practice rooted in the understanding that health comes from aligning the body’s knowing with intuitive wisdom. The practitioner will sit with a receiver of energy medicine quietly either in silence or incorporate verbal conversation. Sessions may be remote via video or audio conversation or in person. The receiver will be meditatively guided thereby building awareness of the relationship between energetic and physical systems in the body. The practice holds a holistic view of body, mind, and spirit. At the outset Energy Medicine is useful for creating boundaries, emotional regulation, grounding and centering, physical relaxation and a feeling of presence and ease.

Energy Medicine can be perceived as similar to the energy work known as Reiki. Its scope is wider and brings healing to the systems of the subtle and energetic bodies using a different variety of skills for the work itself.  The healing practice is specifically focused to suit the client’s intention.
Clients report states of peace, relaxation and ease, release of bodily tension, relief from pain, relief from worry.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is an alternative healing therapy in which the healing of the body and mind are generated by the body’s own energetic life force.  It entrains slow distinct fluid rhythms to interface with the body’s anatomy and physiology.  The subtle body guides itself toward a stillness that is seen as deeply healing.

This is a gentle and non-invasive hands-on method performed on a massage table while the client is fully clothed. The practitioner, with the intention of holding neutrality, skillfully brings a light touch for a period of minutes to support the body in organizing around its inherent health expressions in spaciousness.  The space provided in the holding encourages the forces of life to bring the body, and especially the nervous system, into its natural healthful rhythms.

This therapy is described to have profound therapeutic effects.  Its simplicity lies in the intention for a gentle, holistic movement toward greater health to rise across all experiences of difficulty or trauma without re-stimulation, overwhelm or re-traumatization.  There is a gentle effectiveness that arises in the safety of the environment for the experience.

*Somatic healing offers spiritual relationship to the body’s sense of holding emotional contraction to support deep release and alchemical shifts within oneself. Gestalt therapy (or 2-chair method) maybe utilized in this work to support bringing awareness of and building relationship with various parts of ourselves.