Sunnyfield Baking Co.


13 years ago, I found myself starting from scratch as a widowed mom of three small children. We were blessed to be able to move in with my parents on their farm in Maine and we started anew. An organic vegetable garden, tilled with the help of neighbors and seeds planted one packet at a time, grew to feed us and customers at the local Farmers Market. Baking, a passion since I was little, became a source of income, and the kids were never disappointed when there was a blueberry pie or some cookies left over.

Nowadays, my kids have grown up, and so has my business. I’ve been able to bake at FORK Food Lab for the past year and a half, and I’m excited to follow them to their new location and expand my business to make full use of their brand new, larger kitchen space.

As I make this step and continue to grow my business, I plan to work towards fulfilling my goal of helping others who are starting from scratch just like I did.