Sherrie York Art


Curiosity and long walks across landscapes have brought me into the paths of scientists, biologists, and birders, who taught me to pay close attention to the interactions of living things. I strive to represent those interactions both as a moment in time and as a story of the wider experience of life on earth.

I am especially interested in strong rhythms and patterns between subject and environment. I find it’s the shapes around an object, rather than the object itself, that are often the most compelling.

Human relationships with wild lands and wild creatures are as individual as we are, whether we see nature as a nourishing mother, a suite of resources to be exploited, or a frightening and dangerous wasteland. When an image I create sparks a memory or reflects an experience familiar to the viewer, it provides common ground for sharing our stories and understanding each other’s perspective. And shared stories can help us not only to celebrate the beauty found in nature, but also to tackle larger issues of wildlife, water, and land conservation.