Sarah Skovran Nutrition


Do you want to feel better about the food you’re eating so you can feel better? That’s how I help. It’s as simple as that. All my work is 100% anti-diet, weight neutral and conducted through a HAES® lens.

When I first started studying nutrition, I was looking for answers: answers to questions about the “perfect” diet and solving all of life’s problems through one restrictive way of eating or another. Through my education and my subsequent experience as a nutrition practitioner, I have learned that there is no one perfect way to do anything!

My goals for my clients are that they have peace with themselves and how they relate to food while confidently (and as easily as possible) managing any medical or lifestyle realities they experience. 

I am currently accepting clients in the following areas:

  • practical and safe teen sports nutrition
  • plant-based eating
  • food anxieties and fears
  • disordered eating and eating disorders
  • peaceful family mealtimes using the Division of Responsibility
  • critical thinking for understanding nutrition news, or advice from friends and family
  • medical nutrition therapy for several medical conditions

You can learn to feed yourself and your family a wide variety of foods, without fear. You can learn to feel fed and nourished in the body you have right now. If this sounds good, please get in touch!