My name is Chickpea and I am an endurance runner living in Western Maine. I work hard, play hard and strive to balance my running against the demands of everyday life. I believe that most of us are more capable than we can imagine, but we need some help getting there. I’ve personally found that enough salt and some stubborn persistence can get me through about anything.

My first marathon, a response to the panic of turning thirty, turned out to be one of the most fun and rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. Since then I have been hooked on endurance, especially trail running. I’ve found a comfortable home in the endurance community, where the value we place on discipline and stoke well outweigh the value of wins and PR’s. It’s a comfortable home for women who had never before described themselves as athletes.

My mission here at Salt and Persistence is to connect with and inspire other like-minded women. It’s possible to work full time, live a balanced life, and get out there and shred. Any woman can be an endurance athlete. She just needs some salt and persistence.