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The California wage payment system requires companies to adhere to laws such as the scheduled salary twice a month, employee coverage, and method of payment. Regulations are surrounding this payroll management and activities, and we are here to ensure that your company adheres to every requirement.

Companies that require payroll and tax services must employ a highly reliable third-party provider to reduce the pressure from their HR and Accounting departments. Managing payroll is quite burdensome especially if done manually. By outsourcing, you are assured that reputable providers use the most sophisticated and updated software.

We heard you, and we understand your concerns. With this, PCS Inc have developed a system that is a combination of self-service and HR-based activities. Our goal is to help every company automate some aspects of their payroll system in order to have a cost-effective and lesser risks on both the employees and managers.

Payroll or compliance audit refers to the function of identifying a company’s payroll tax processes. It determines compliance issues related to employment laws, detects human errors, validates withholding taxes, and checks possible payroll fraud. A straight-forward payroll audit will not only pinpoint problems but also help HR in strategizing other essential functions like budget preparation and review of accounts

Growing enterprises must learn the ins and outs of payroll management. Errors or negligence on your part can be costly and disastrous for the entire organization. Here are some of the common payroll problems and possible solutions for each.

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