Mountain Range of Motion, LLC


     Mountain Range of Motion, LLC is a telehealth physical therapy provider for individuals located in the states of Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Florida. We provide online physical therapy evaluations and treatment with the focus on rehabilitation for mountain sports, outdoor activities, return to active lifestyle and pain management. Our online wellness services are designed as activity specific fitness and injury prevention for individuals worldwide.

    Our mission is to increase access to physical therapy and wellness services in rural areas, and allow for convenience of care for those with limited time, transportation or mobility. Telehealth services allow for treatment to be performed within the comfort and safety of your own home, work place, or outdoor environment.

   Physical therapy services can be initiated either by referral from a physician or through direct patient access. Our goal is to get your treatment started faster so that you can get back to your daily activities with less pain and increased quality of motion and mobility.

   Wellness services are available as online classes or individual sessions.  We are now offering individual wellness sessions and will return to pre-ski/ski strengthening classes in September 2022 to prepare you to hit the slopes and to ski strong throughout the season!