Maribeth Canning Consulting


Maribeth Canning Consulting (MCC) is a nonprofit consulting and fundraising firm.  MCC provides clients with strategic planning, board development, fundraising and philanthropy expertise. Maribeth Canning Consulting (MCC) drives transformational change and collective impact within the philanthropic and nonprofit sector to forge partnerships, instill innovative best practices, and inspire game-changing philanthropy.

Mindful Philanthropy Advising guides generous individuals and families on giving that generates joy. Through our process, philanthropy is aligned with an individual and family’s purpose and values. Mindful-Philanthropy has the expertise to identify and vet high-performing nonprofits. We encourage partnerships between our clients and the nonprofits and communities they wish to serve. Philanthropy is designed for impact. Goals are set collaboratively. Outcomes are evaluated and reported with transparency. Accountability is mutually negotiated to build trust, empower communities, and unite all stakeholders as catalysts of change.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We collaborate with business clients in the development of thoughtful corporate social responsibility strategies that engage the nonprofit sector to fufill their mission, values, and elevate the brand.