Maine Sol Botanicals features small batch, artisan products, hand crafted with climate friendly, ethically sourced ingredients all made in Maine. I use many of my own organically grown botanicals. I strive to use organic ingredients whenever possible. Being a beekeeper, many products include my own beeswax and raw honey. I offer a variety of natural soaps, salves and balms, and other botanical skin care products for health and wellness.  Unique gift sets available. Maine Sol Botanicals also offers live classes related to nature and plant powered health topics.

Grounded in the permaculture principles of earth care, people care and fair share, Maine Sol Botanicals offers these products that honor Mother Nature in their creation, respect the bodies that will use them, and acknowledge the indigenous people who first crafted many of these recipes.

My products are created with love and each batch is special as they are hand-made. I want to make them as healthy and safe as possible.  You won’t find any bright, fake colors or strong scents. There isn’t any sparkly artificial micas or glitter anywhere.  I try to avoid all plastic wraps and containers, (except things used in shower due to safety). I minimize all wrapping in packaging and shipping. Not only is it good for you it is better for Mother Earth!

My mission at Maine Sol Botanicals is two-fold:

*To bring awareness and education to my community on how the Power of Plants and Nature can help and offer healing

*To offer them botanical products with that plant power in every formulation, and at affordable prices, making it more accessible for everyone