Maine Advisory Associates


Maine Advisory Associates is a woman-owned investment advisory firm registered in the state of Maine managing over $70 million in assets to date. We apply Maine’s uniquely independent and entrepreneurial mindset to optimize individual, family and trust portfolios for growth.

Authenticity, trust, transparency, timely insights, intuition, empathy, creativity, privacy, professionalism – and a good sense of humor – are at the heart of our individualized guidance to build the secure, meaningful, purpose-driven future each of our clients deserve.

We are eager to help our clients be educated about the characteristics, ethics and value of an investment, as well as the challenges and opportunities. This kind of financial literacy education takes time and trust, and we are dedicated to facilitating this knowledge.

MAA adds value by continually examining what’s happening to the financial markets as a whole. That scrutiny seems even more important at the beginning of a decade where so much of the world is in turmoil and our financial services industry, in specific, is being transformed by new technologies, ongoing debates about data privacy and shifting demographics. It’s a noisy world out there, and we see our role as key to cutting through the shouting and hyperbole by providing timely information and creating meaningful conversations using simple and easy to understand language – as opposed to investor jargon.

In addition, MAA has a special understanding of women’s unique relationship to money and investing, helping to create a money comfort zone to help women optimize their financial security.