Maggie Moore

Visionary Healer ~ Sacred Jewelry Maker ~ Chakra Shaking Creator

Maggie Moore is visionary healer who helps her clients embody their true potential so they can live a life of pleasure and purpose.

As an authentic thought leader in energy healing, Maggie’s  diverse background as a reiki practitioner, artist, movement teacher and life coach has led her down many roads throughout her life.

  • She manipulates metals with intention.
  • She has hands that move energy.
  • She is an empath and channel to spirit.

Maggie is directed by laughter. Her path is the one of the soulful, playful teacher. She brings her wit and good humor to all she does, and will give you permission to laugh and release your past while holding you in a sacred space of healing. 

Well versed in hands-on and long-distance healing, Maggie has been a Reiki master and intuitive healer for 18 years. A compassionate listener, confidant and communicator, she crafts each program of treatments and one on one healing sessions to your needs.

please visit to view all of her sacred jewelry creations. Visit to learn more about her practice of healing movement.