Lauren Grousd LCPC PLLC


I work with adults, older adolescents, and partners looking for new ways to approach their lives. We learn strategies for being in the world from our experiences and social circumstances – and sometimes they work better than others! I also believe that our minds and bodies are a single system, so that changes we make in one area are bound to impact the other. As a result, I like to integrate creative bio-psycho-social treatment approaches such as EMDR, ACT, and Polyvagal Theory. I wholeheartedly believe that my clients are in the driver’s seat – I’m here as a resource, support, and co-explorer through the therapeutic process.
Aside from diagnosing and treating more common disorders such as anxiety and depression, I specialize in integrating sexuality and gender issues within mental health, informed by my background in sexuality and gender violence prevention education/training. My practice is trauma-informed, gender-affirming, LGBTQIA+ friendly, and kink and poly-aware.