Laskey Physical Therapy


My name is Andrea Laskey, DPT. I am both an orthopedic and pelvic floor physical therapist for the past 13 years with extensive post-graduate training.  I enjoy helping people with the uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing side effects of pelvic floor dysfunction from urinary leaking, constipation to complex issues of pelvic pain and bladder pain.

My mission is to improve human lives by giving highly skilled care to all people no matter what their gender identity, race or sexual orientation.

I look at all people through a wholistic lens and I find this most beneficial with pelvic floor patients.  The pelvic floor is part of our core including our abdominal muscles and diaphragm.  Our whole bodies are connected and I firmly believe we need to have an in-depth knowledge, understanding and respect for the whole system to get the greatest improvements. So often I have patients come in for pelvic floor symptoms but secondarily they also have shoulder pain, neck pain and/or low back pain as well. These are almost never actually separate issues from what is going on with the pelvic floor but a window into how the body is functioning.