Welcome! KUMA believes that every woman should have a safe, positive, and supportive place to work out and feel strong.

We reject the standard language and measurements of success you typically see in a gym that objectifies the body and creates a negative relationship with fitness. We are not your average gym. We are redefining fitness for women.

It’s not just about losing weight or gaining muscle. Moving our bodies is an incredible way to feel empowered and strong. The focus is not on how you look but on how you feel. Our community of friendly and supportive women creates the best place to make fitness a positive part of your life—for good!

We’re not your typical gym. We are going to be your training partners…for life. Fitness isn’t a yes or no journey. It’s an ongoing commitment to making yourself a priority. Our studio is a small group of women who want to have a better life through fitness, empowerment, and community. We have chosen kickboxing as our primary workout because it’s dynamic, effective, and fun. It’s hard NOT to leave feeling like a bada**.