Katherine Emery Photography


How do you convey your authentic self, family or business, in image?

I am a portrait, documentary and fine art photographer and educator. I began as a children and family photographer, and soon realized that I wanted to tell more stories than just making portraits.

Over the years I’ve honed my documentary storytelling skills, and I now also work with artists, non-profits, and students to tell their stories.  Visuals, whether printed or online, can tell the story of the work you do, the culture of space and place, and the values too. Some call this branding–I call it storytelling.

I teach workshops on photography as a way of creating belonging–whether that be using photography as a way to bridge language differences, learning to make photos that feel like what you see, or even learning to see differently.

In my spare time, I make images with my old Contax film camera–showing the world how I see it, and feel it, is like scratching a deep itch.

Photography is deeply personal to me, a language, and I believe that good photos are poems.