Kari Herer Photography


More recently she has worked closer to home. In her community of Yarmouth, Maine, and along with two other local women, their guided journal, Take Two: A Journal for New Beginnings, was published by Chronicle Books in 2021, and debuted in the latest issue of Stanford Magazine. Kari has photographed for renowned businesses like Maine Health, nonprofits like The Dempsey Center and The Harold Alfond Foundation, and celebrated local restaurants like Duckfat and Maine Craft Distilling.

“Over my career I’ve photographed my best friend giving birth, NFL players holding babies, a little boy’s surgery, and a doctor turning on his “ears” to hear for the first time. I assisted photographer Sam Abell in Texas on a five-day photoshoot with Cindy Crawford. Cindy was just as beautiful in person as I remember her drinking Pepsi when I was fifteen years old.

I’m proud and grateful for this career and the life I’m able to provide for my children. One thing will always be true: I would never have been given so many opportunities or traveled as far as I have without my camera in hand.” – Kari Herer