GeeFreeLiving creates individualized wellness plans with an integrative approach using tools, resources and products to establish a meaningful wellness roadmap for your life.

  • You and I will build a foundation to help gain knowledge, confidence and teach you how to sustain a gluten free lifestyle.

  • I strive to work with recommendations from your medical providers and craft a plan that is simple to follow.

  • I use my own personal and professional experiences and research based methods to create plans of action.

  • With honesty and integrity I empower you to gluten free living and reach your long term wellness goals.

Healing is not linear. There is a lot of information to comb through. Gluten Free at home, and outside the home are very different experiences. I felt like a burden to friends and family with my new diet. I was very anxious eating outside my home.

If you feel this way too, I am so glad you’ve found me, Mrs.GeeFreeLiving – Home of Gluten Free Wellness! I would love to welcome you and support you!

2022 – Continuing collaborations with Southern Maine restaurants & businesses hosting Gluten Free Events!