FYZICAL Falmouth


FYZICAL Falmouth is unlike other physical therapy centers.  Our highly skilled therapists are uniquely trained to treat various ailments, and our patients also benefit from a close working relationship with co-owner Dr. Elizabeth Pearce (an Otolaryngologist/Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist).

At FYZICAL Falmouth, we are focused on optimal health and wellness at any age, while understanding and promoting the following key principles:

  • Mobility improves your overall health and longevity.
  • Moving without pain allows you to stay more active and improves mental health.
  • Having good balance and preventing falls is integral to your independence and safety.
  • Recovering from physical injury, surgery and concussion is important to getting back to doing the things you need to do and love to do.
  • Good hearing is associated with better mental health and less social isolation.

Our dedicated and compassionate team at FYZICAL Falmouth can help you achieve these goals through a personalized treatment program designed specifically for you. We provide comprehensive physical therapy services plus the added benefit of dizziness and balance treatment.

Dizziness and balance disorders, as well as hearing loss and tinnitus can be complex issues.  These require specialized evaluations and treatment plans, which is what sets us apart.  Our integrated Audiology department provides hearing evaluations and hearing aid services, as well as specialized testing known as Videonystagmography (VNG) to assess inner ear function for certain balance disorders.  As part of her medical practice in Falmouth, Dr. Pearce also provides medical evaluation and treatment for various ear problems including hearing loss, tinnitus, as well as vestibular and balance disorders.

Our location in the Northgate Shopping Plaza in Portland is just minutes from I-95 and Rte 302, providing convenient access from Falmouth and points North, and easy access from communities West and South of Portland.

At FYZICAL Falmouth, we can help you get better and live life with less pain, better mobility and balance, and improved strength and independence.  Contact us today to experience the FYZICAL difference!