DiMauro Design & Consulting


DiMauro Design & Consulting, LLC is a dynamic coaching and virtual assistant firm dedicated to empowering teams and individuals on their journey towards a more fulfilling life. Our multifaceted approach combines wellness coaching with business optimization strategies to craft personalized solutions.

At DiMauro Design & Consulting, we specialize in partnering with teams and individuals, fostering wellness in personal and professional realms. Through personalized wellness coaching, we aim to guide our clients in achieving a harmonious balance, enabling them to design a life they truly desire.

Additionally, our expertise lies in optimizing businesses, making them functional, efficient, and poised for growth. We collaborate closely with clients to streamline processes, enhance productivity, and lay the groundwork for sustainable development. Our commitment is to create actionable strategies that align with our clients’ unique aspirations and objectives.

With a focus on holistic improvement, we believe in not only transforming businesses but also nurturing personal well-being. At DiMauro Design & Consulting, we’re dedicated to catalyzing positive change and supporting our clients’ endeavors toward success and fulfillment.