Blazing Trails Coaching


Established in 2009, Blazing Trails Coaching’s mission is to provide down-to-earth, practical strategies for blue-collar business owners so they can gain traction to grow, profit, and succeed. Blazing Trails Coaching’s clients achieve growth in their businesses, obtain more time to concentrate on important matters and gain the necessary momentum to advance their businesses to the next level.  Blazing Trails Coaching provides Business Strategy and Development, Organizational Development, systems and process documentation, leadership development, employee engagement, and workforce development training.


Priscilla Hansen Mahoney is an ICF-accredited business coach and strategic advisor with over 20 years of experience in the lawn/landscape industry. As the founder of Blazing Trails Coaching, she helps businesses grow, profit, and succeed by developing strategies, systems, and leadership teams. With expertise in process management, Six Sigma, and High-Performance Team Building, Priscilla has assisted countless business owners in creating their business models, systemizing their businesses, developing team leaders, and building businesses that support their desired lifestyles.