Beacon Community Fitness


We are on a mission to build a healthier and more connected community with a maximum buffer from illness or injury. To accomplish this mission we have three main programs:

CrossFit: Offered as personal training, small group (6 or less) and larger group (up to 20) fitness classes that follow the CrossFit methodology of functional fitness to keep us moving independently and having fun in our bodies.  CrossFit is for everybody and is tailored to meet every person where they are!

The Momma Movement: NON-CrossFit prenatal and postpartum fitness classes for ALL women to gain or maintain fitness throughout the motherhood transition. We also offer a 6-week program to support the immediate postpartum woman restabilize her core prior to returning to their fitness of choice.

Light The Way Nutrition: A nutrition coaching model to support the uniqueness of each of our nutritional needs and goals! We offer group programs as one-on-one nutrition coaching.