Bare Bones Handsewn


At Bare Bones Handsewn we are focused on quality shoemaking.

Come wear Bare Bones Handsewn, we’re bringing back handsewn.

We make our leather handsewn shoes by hand, utilizing traditional skills, passed down by family for four generations. Our current styles all feature a traditional handsewn moccasin construction, completely surrounding your foot in leather. We sole our shoes with rubber outsoles, or leather handsewn soles. This means our moccasins are resoleable allowing for years of wear of your favorite pair. We aggressively seek out the best quality materials that we can get, as close to home as we can get them. We strive to source all materials domestically within the United States. We are proud to make it our business to support other US based manufacturers and are proud to do our part to build a strong community of makers here at home.